Permanent Cosmetics

Wake Up Beautiful!

A journey into Permanent Cosmetics by Brandon Lane

Micro-pigmentation or permanent cosmetics as it is more commonly known is a tattoo or permanent pigmentation placed in the dermis layer of the skin, resembling make-up. While being dated to the early twentieth century, this industry has experienced huge growth technologically. Now typically being performed digitally making the procedure much safer, faster and more comfortable. Most everyone is a candidate for treatments; men, women, aged and young can benefit from permanent cosmetics. Treatment options, as well as the reasons for receiving these treatments are endless. Call us to schedule your complimentary consultation with Brandon Lane and receive introductory prices today.

Why use Permanent Cosmetics?

Many people with health conditions, including chemotherapy, alopecia, baldness, vilitigo, or scarring are current recipients of permanent cosmetics. Other individuals choose micro-pigmentation due to allergies to cosmetics, the ease with waking up with make-up or to enhance their naked beauty. Whatever the reason, it is critical you choose the correct practioner for you. This is a long term investment. Your practioner should be motivated as well as dedicated to the latest techniques and products. While being educated in safety, design and color choices, your practioner should be able to answer all of your questions while making you as comfortable as possible. After researching and choosing your artist, this person will guide you through the rest of your journey. Color choices, shapes, sizes and applications are all important aspects in which you will have an input. Each practioner has different methods, thoughts and strengths; this combined with your desires will ensure a beautiful outcome.

Throughout my career, I have found most clients have the same common questions. Does it hurt? As most individuals have different tolerances to discomfort all practioners choose to use some form of topical anesthetics. Technology has allowed for great advances in strength and durability in pain management, making your experience much more tolerable. 

How long does it last? Again, this is dependent on each individual as longevity is affected by sun exposure, chemicals, after care, and the pigments used. UV exposure is the number one factor in pre-mature fading, some people may choose to have a color refresh after several years.

Cost of treatment? This ranges widely and is effected by location, skill level of practioner and the setting in which they work. Remember, this is an investment in you ... forever.

What does aftercare consist of? Each practioner has their own set of guidelines to follow and post procedure products to recommend. Usually consisting of a mild cleanser and topical healing agent.

How long does take? This also varies greatly depending on the application method, skill of the practioner as well as the procedure being performed. Typically lasting no more than one hour and thirty minutes. While each experience desire and outcome is different, the choice of permanent cosmetics is life changing.