Massage/Body Treatments

Massage Treatments

Restore balance, release muscle tension and increase circulation as you relax under the intuitive touch of our highly skilled and trained therapists. Enjoy the finest, organic products indluding essential oils to merge the natural healing properties of plants and the aromatic power of premium botanical ingredients to bring our guest closer to wellness, creating peace and harmony within.

Isabella Signature Massage
50 or 80 minutes - $120 - $160
This classic Swedish massage features an intuitive, personalized blend of massage techniques customized to your specific needs to create a truly individualized experience that will bring you complete relaxation.

Deep Tissue Massage
50 or 80 minutes - $130 - $170
This massage blends medium to firm pressure along with assisted stretching techniques to relieve stress and tension. With use of essential oils we will create a customized treatment to relax sore muscles and ligaments, resulting in a feeling of well-being and rejuvenation.

Companion Massage
50 or 80 minutes - $230 - $290
Enjoy a side by side couple's massage with a personalized blend of massage techniques customized toy your specific needs to create a unified session of ultimate relaxation.

Sport Massage
50 or 80 minutes - $130 - $170
Medium to firm pressure and steaming towels for the ultimate treatment for muscle tighness. The anti-inflamitory aromatic oils will ease soreness and stimulate circulation. Feel stronger after this powerfully effective treatment. 
*Recommended the day before, day of and/or day after a sporting event.

Gentle Expectations
50  minutes - $120
A soothing gentle massage performed for the mother-to-be in her second or third trimester. A soft, fragrant cobination of essential oils designed specifically for mothers and babies are used in this treatment to relieve tension and calm emotions.

Hot Stone Massage
80 minutes - $150
Induldge in this deeply relaxing and grounding experience. Heated basalt lava stones are massaged into the muscles, warming the tissue and melting tension. Our blend of Essential Oils promotes feelings of comfort, strength and balance.

Other Add-ons Included

Upgrade to deep tissue $15 
Foot massage - 15 mintues $40 
Scalp and neck focus - 15 minutes $50 


Body Treatments

Fruit Infused Body Scrub
50 minutes - $120
Induldge in this energizing full body scrub that combines the exfoliating properties of aromatic fruit designed to stimulate mental activity and increase clarity circulation, sloughing away dull dry skin enhancing circulation and deeply hydrating, leaving your skin with a healthy glow.

True Bliss Romantic Retreat
100 minutes - $350
Take an enchanting journey in this relaxing couples' experience. Savor a warm cup of herbal tea while enjoying a refreshing foot soak. An invigorating exfoliation with cocunut scrub to rejuvenate the skin. Next, you will be cacooned in warm linens while impuritites are drawn from your body. Drift away during your wrap as your therapist massages warm oils into your shoulders, neck and scalp. This luxourious experience concludes with a full body massage.

Isabella's raindrop Experience
50 or 80 minutes - $150 - $180
ISweet, sooting Lavendar and the rich mineral properties of Himalayan Salts are combined in this skin smoothing exfoliation treatment. First, a Lavendar Salt Scrub will invigorate you, softening and refining the texture of the skin, then healing Lavendar oils are applied with long flowing strokes. You will emerge feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Rooted in the Earth
50 minutes - $120
Mineral elements are vital to the health of both skin and body. Immerse yourself in this detoxifying seaweed wrap as your therapist gently smooths a mineral rich serum over your body. Rich herbal extracts remove toxins from your skin.

50 minutes - $130
Based on the concept that reflex points correlate to specific organs and systems in the body, this treatment focuses on therapeutically applied acupressure points in the hands and feet. This treatment begins with a soothing foot soak and leaves you feeling transformed and balanced.

Belhurst Spa~Salon guests and local ennthusiasts are welcome to join in some group mind/body excercise classes on property. Check with the spa for times and locations.